For more than ten years, I have worked as a group trainer in different sports clubs. My heart belongs to trainings for your body and mind. I reached yoga through personal experiences, that have taught me: everything in life starts from within. There is only one thing in the world, we are capable of improving – ourselves. It is all about our mindset. Our thoughts are formed through action and our actions in turn will form our thoughts.


I am a mother to two incredible children, who are the biggest teachers in my life. In addition, I am studying nursery – a vocation to give me a greater chance of helping people. Helping people be healthy – both physically and mentally is my greatest mission in life. I do not consider this a job, no, this comes from the heart. A wish, that we would value ourselves and our health more. To have more energy, to notice our surroundings and be a bigger part of them.


To me, yoga is a lifestyle, of which only a small portion happens on the mat. The way we act, think in our everyday life, is also yoga. Through love and respect towards myself, I can be a role model and help others improve their life quality.


My relationship with yoga started behind the wheel of a car. A time in my life, where most of the day was spent on wheels, speeding from one club to the other,  supervising workouts, rushing from one unachieved goal to the other. One day I received a phone call, that changed the rest of my life and made me reconsider my life values. I almost lost one of my greatest successes in this life – my daughter – in a car accident. I can clearly recall the feeling, how in a moment, the speed of life suddenly stopped. As I sat on the edge of the hospital bed, I began to think, that in the end of the day, if we do not have experienced emotions and people, to share them with, they are all worthless.


Family is a world, where we get to implement ourselves as human beings. Around this little world is a bigger world, in which we must take different roles. This experience made me reach deeper into my inner world. The different emotions inside me: from guilt, to self-love. And yoga became a helpful tool for me. I was able to make peace with myself and I realized it all starts from within. I understood, how a constant flow of action is just means of escaping from yourself. That realization helped me find the equilibrium between doing and being. Just because I have a lot of energy, does not mean I have to invest it all into action. Just because I can, does not mean I have to. Yoga has brought me into the present. I have always been a big planner and controller, a trait bestowed upon me by my difficult childhood. However, thanks to yoga, I have found the courage to be spontaneous and tolerant in my actions, to be unprejudiced. I am better in reasoning my meaning in this world and also how much I let external issues get to me. In my sessions, I never teach about right or wrong – I just pass on the experiences I have had. I am Your guide on the journey of self-discovery.


People often start looking for a deeper spirituality from yoga. It is thought, that hours of meditation, mantras and a green way of life are a necessary part of yoga. Instead, yoga simply gives answers to the questions You ask. For me, spirituality is the knowledge of oneself, an ability to spectate from above, to observe, to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions and your words. We ourself house all the possibilities, the gifts, the talents, that we need in order, to fulfill our wishes and dreams. Sometimes we lack self-confidence, sometimes we lack knowledge. Sometimes we are too preoccupied in our everyday life, that we fail to notice, what we think, or feel. With my help, you can venture into the unknown knowing, that you are being taken care of.