Have you ever thought about wanting to feel better in your own body? Both internally and externally? In yoga, we focus on both: your inner and outer self. By practising yoga, your body will become more mobile. You will also learn to listen to yourself and to trust yourself. You will find the balance between body and mind, between being and doing. In order to start doing yoga, you do not need to be flexible. The moment you feel like practising yoga, is the perfect time to start doing yoga.


“Enjoy the moment…” and “Each one of us has our own path.” – These are the thoughts I will always remember from Gina’s sessions. The more time passes on, the more I begin to understand the true meanings of these thoughts. 

Kristi, 25

Dear Gina, I frequent your sessions for a weekly dose of positivity and good mood. I am reassured, that I alone am responsible for the way that I feel today.

Maike, 41

Trainings with Gina are a total pleasure of body and mind. Even if I arrive in a bad mood, there is never a time I would not leave with a good one. The one most important thing, that helps better my mood every time, is Gina’s smile. It is special. It is a smile coming from the heart. Not many people know, how to smile from their heart. 

Irina, 29

Gina will always make you believe in yourself. Even when you are about to quit. Her warmth will signal you, that good does exist – goodness around you and in you. She will teach you to listen to yourself, to look deep inside yourself and to be in the present moment.  

Anne, 25